Shapeoko2 kit CNC build TONIGHT! (June 19, 2014)

Today’s open make session (6-10PM) will have an added bonus:

We’ve received our Shapeoko2 full kit from Inventables!  We received this kit for FREE as one of the winners of the Inventables “50 States” contest.  We also received early access to Easel, a web-based carving tool.

Here’s a preview of what is possible with Easel:

Our Easel beta design.

Our Easel beta design.

Feel free to stop over and watch us build, or check on our progress from afar via our webcams.  Our weekly Thursday “Open Make” sessions are always open to the public.

We also obtained some secondhand wood from the Appleton Restore, and are looking forward to carving random things into it.

Here is our kit:

The kit.  Thanks, Inventables!

The kit. Thanks, Inventables!