Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton

10/6/2011 Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton

7 People Attended

Things discussed or worked on…

  • Open source airplane
  • RepRap
  • Arduino
  • Alternate reality WWI fiction
  • Making a movie with a Flip cam
  • Mouse trap racers
  • Conductive playdough circuits (squishy circuits)
  • Toothbrush racers
  • BarCamp
  • Strategy games
  • Monetizing games
  • Injection molding/plastic extrusion
  • “Prosumer” grade cameras.
  • DIY battery w/ vinegar, copper wire, zinc plated nails
  • NEWLUG – Python talk Thursday 10/13
  • STEMFest (science, tech, engineering, math) at Building For Kids 9am-3pm Sat. 10/8 Free!
  • Harmony Cafe – Yummy sammiches and coffee!

Thanks everyone!

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One thought on “Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton”

  1. great session. great food. great venue. what more can i say?

    python developers, enthusiasts, fans, wannabes … remember the presentation at the Newlug meeting next thursday the 13th.

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