DHMN Organizational Meeting – November 2011

The monthly organizational meetings are held to discuss the workings of the group as it relates to being a non-profit working toward an Appleton WI makerspace.

When: Mon November 28 8pm-10pm Central Time

Where: Cambria Suites lobby 3940 N. Gateway Drive Appleton, WI 54913

Minutes from last meeting: Bylaws communicated, voted upon via the mailing
list, and ratified by a majority of respondents.

Possible agenda:

1. Set up proposals for first election of “officers” as defined in the

2. Marketing next steps
Get business cards with DHMN logo – handy for spreading the word.

3. Stuff you want to execute soon….

This meeting welcomes your effort to improve it.

2 thoughts on “DHMN Organizational Meeting – November 2011”

  1. I would like to be part of this! I have a perfect Arduino based project but need kindred spirits to advise, guide, critique etc.

    Please email me at the email I entered for the comment!


  2. Meeting Minutes

    3 people attended


    * Pro tem treasurer: Erin QL
    * As pro tem treasurer, Erin is opening a checking account under the non-profit status so that we may begin collecting donations-more to come.
    * Regarding transparency of finances – If asked, DHMN should respect a donor/contributor’s desires to remain anonymous.


    * Now that the DHMN calendar has stabilized (1st & 3rd Thurs Hack/Make sessions, 2nd Fri Lunch Meetups, and 4th Mon. Org meetings) we can more easily “advertise” via business cards, stickers, posters, etc.
    * Looking into Vistaprint for some free DHMN business cards to hand out.
    * Get more stickers?

    Event ideas:

    * Inspired by Tim Bertram’s recent success with repairing something using his RepRap 3D printer, hold a Fixit 3D printing event where people bring an example of something that needs repair and the group works together to design the drawing in software then (time/simplicity permitting) produce the part on the RepRap.
    * Mousetrap racer event. Compete for glory by designing and building a mousetrap racer in a short amount of time and racing it against everyone else.

    Future items/Parking lot:

    * Organize first elections for first term of “the board”.

    Other non-organizational things discussed:

    * Samsung Galaxy II
    * Startup Accelerator
    * Open source plane – Makerplane
    * 3D printing
    * CNC
    * 91psi, 13ft, marshmallow cannon!

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