Paul’s Pi Powered Portable Package Project

From Paul:

Box Outside


Rasberry Pi processor

Self Contained
Rechargeable Battery UPS

Broadcasts an open WIFI hotspot

Connects to internet over any open WIFI or Android internet tether

Raspberry PI intercepts all commuincations
over the open wifi network

Bluetooth enabled, reads Android phone GPS location

Accepts SSH,VNC from any computer

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse


Inside Box

The Wireless Remote is a modified Zipit Messenger, running it’s own very slow Linux.

Useful for SSH’ing and VNC’ing into the Pi.

3D Printed Pi Case

A member of the local chapter of the Distributed Hacker Maker Network(DHMN) made the case for me.

Thanks, it’s awesome!

The power inverter gives me a USB 5VDC power supply, and two 110VAC outlets.


VNC of the Rasbberry Pi’s desktop on the Zipit Messenger


Raspberry PI is on TV!


Here the raspberry Pi is broadcasting it’s location onto two Android devices.

The Wimm watch is wearable, and it always shows a map of where the Raspberry PI box is at.

The Raspberry Pi reads the GPS from the Android phone over bluetooth.

Then another Android shows a Google map of the GPS location of the travel box.

A Google Docs page is
updated every few seconds with the box’s location.

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