Storage Policy is Published

After a lot of discussion and refinement of process, we have an official Storage Policy in place and posted prominently on the wiki.

Jakob Brouillette did a ton of work writing up, and making changes to this policy in response to clarifications and suggestions by other members and officers.

It’s on the wiki if you want to read all the details, but I’ll highlight some of the big points here.


We are no longer any accepting items without prior approval. Organizing and disposing of things has taken a lot of energy this last year, and it’s hard to identify much value that has come as a result of things dropped off which weren’t specifically requested, or cleared ahead of time.

So, if you want to donate a thing, check the “Items Wanted” list and see if it’s on there.  If it’s not, you will have to get approval before leaving it at the space.


We now have two hackpiles.  One is a free for all which will have items of low value, but some utility. Anything in that pile is free for the taking for any purpose by any member.  The other is the Premium Hackpile and items there will have price tags on them. Members can buy those items by leaving money in the bucket designated for that pile.


If anyone finds anything left out in a common area that isn’t supposed to be there, they can move it to the Impound area.  Anything still there for more than a month becomes property of the makerspace and will be sold or auctioned off during the first week of each month.

If you find that something of yours wound up in the Impound area, simply take it out and put it in your appropriate storage or take it with you. The area is not locked down in any way. It’s just a place we will put things left out.

Don’t take anything from the Impound if it’s not yours.

If you do move things others may have left out, please be respectful and keep the items together by putting small things in a box before moving to impound.  We want to keep the place clean, but not at the expense of damaging or losing things.

And More…

Read the wiki on the Storage Policy for more details on things like Special Permits and Parking Passes.

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