Appleton Makerspace

Appleton WI’s very own community workshop: Appleton Makerspace!

We are a group of people located in the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin, interested in being creative, learning, and generally creating or making things.

Bring your ideas, meet others interested in building ideas. The space currently contains things like small hand tools, 3D printers, a Shapeoko, Arduino, RaspberryPi, work-space, WiFi, and clever people.  Now that we are in our new space, we are also adding larger tools.

We are a not-for-profit organization supported by member fees, and encourage you to consider a membership, but we are also are open to the public and prospective members through our public events, so feel free to stop by!  If you can’t make it over to see us, you could also view or join the discussion group.

Appleton Makerspace 121R N Douglas St Appleton WI 54914

121RB North Douglas St Appleton WI 54914

Looking for co-working/meeting space? Contact our friends over at the AvenueHQ!

Want to help out or see what’s in the works for the Appleton Makerspace? Check out the Facility Planning Trello board.

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    1. Thanks for coming to the site, Ronald! Some good first steps to participation are to check out the Google Group discussion list ( and the weekly Thursday Make sessions, held from 6-10PM every Thursday. Feel free to post questions here or on the discussion group.

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