Learn how to fix things from your friends at the Appleton Makerspace!

Performing a bit of repair on my lawnmower, I was able to replace a broken wheel. But when I was uncertain about how to safely / easily sharpen the very dull blade I headed over to YouTube to see some examples of how one might perform such a feat.  I found a few clips that showed how to safely remove the spark plug wire, block the blade with a piece of scrap wood so that the blade does not rotate while you loosen the nut, etc.

Further, I found videos showing how to use a Dremel tool to re-hone the blade edge or if the blade was very dull, an angle grinder. I thought to myself, “I’ve used those tools (safely) before at the makerspace, I’ll head over there and give it a try.” When I got there, I donned safety gear and set about grinding a better edge.

As luck would have it, Laurel showed up and asked what I was working on. Laurel has sharpened many lawnmower blades and offered to show me how he does it! Laurel carefully demonstrated how a bench grinder is a more appropriate tool for the work I was trying to do. After a few passes per side on the bench grinder and a balance test using a small nail to observe the balance, I had a newly useful blade and more importantly, I learned how to repair it!

Thanks again, Laurel — This is why makerspaces are so cool!