Officers for 2016:

  • Jakob Brouillette – President
  • Bob Watson – Secretary
  • Mark Finn – Treasurer
  • Jamie Schrauth – Grant Writer

Officers are responsible for the day to day operation of the Makerspace and have final say on decisions made for any aspect of the organization. They are appointed by the board of directors.

Board of Directors for 2016:

  • Jakob Brouillette
  • Mark Finn
  • Sim Dorsey
  • Mathew Peterson
  • Shane Grey
  • Mike Putnam

The Board of Directors is elected by our membership and is responsible for appointing officers and managing our direction as an organization.

You can reach officers & board members via the general discussion mailing list.

Area Chiefs:

Functional areas of the Makerspace have Chiefs who have received delegated authority from the Officers to manage specific functions, or locations in the Makerspace. Each Chief has responsibility and limited authority to manage their respective area and maintain a safe environment for members and visitors.

If you have a question about the use of a tool in any area, or about donating something specific to an area, contact the respective Chief directly.

  • Jakob Brouillette – Storage
  • Jakob Brouillette – Metalshop
  • Mathew Peterson – Hamshack
  • Mathew Peterson – Computer Lab
  • Mathew Peterson – Electronics Lab
  • Shane Grey – Woodshop
  • Jean Pritchard – Fibers
  • Tim Bolz – Member Storage
  • Scrap Bins – Scott Zemlicka

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