Appleton’s DHMN hacks, makes, and networks for 3rd Thursday December 2011

What happened? This!

  • Many people attended; our best showing to date.
  • Mouse trap build and race to glory (Winner? New-Mike-with-the-white-hoodie)
  • Pachinko machine demo
  • Arduino
  • Photo slide scanner
  • One sided dice!
  • Whiteboard art
  • Tasty food and coffee at Harmony Cafe!
  • USB oscilloscope? Perhaps next hack/make session!
  • Adolescence of P-1
    by Thomas J. Ryan


Mouse trap race! U-BILD-IT

Mouse trap  - Courtesy of Wikipedia
Mouse trap - Courtesy of Wikipedia

Come construct your mouse trap racer (basic parts provided) during Thursdays make-meetup and race it to fame and glory!

DHMN will provide 12 identical kits consisting of:

  • 1 mouse trap
  • 4 wheels (2″ fiberboard circles with 1/4″ center hole)
  • 2 axles (1/4″ wooden dowel)
  • 4 eyelets to mount axles to mouse trap
  • hot glue to weld the wheels to the axles
  • polyester thread to convey the power from the closing mouse trap to the axle

You are free(encouraged!) to bring additional parts to modify your design and at your option, share your additional parts so that others may improve their own designs. Design iIdeas: improved traction, friction, leverage, etc…


  • The provided mouse trap is the sole source of locomotion. (no motors, compressed air, bottle-rockets, etc)
  • The design, build, and race must be able to happen at Harmony Cafe without disturbing patrons (example: no noxious fumes: solder, epoxy, etc) or or causing any damage to the room/floor/tables/chairs etc.
  • Design and build will take place from 6pm-9pm, race to begin at 9pm (or earlier if everyone agrees)

Thursday December 15th during the 6pm-10pm Hack/Make session at Harmony Cafe (3rd floor) in Appleton.

DHMN Organizational Meeting – November 2011

The monthly organizational meetings are held to discuss the workings of the group as it relates to being a non-profit working toward an Appleton WI makerspace.

When: Mon November 28 8pm-10pm Central Time

Where: Cambria Suites lobby 3940 N. Gateway Drive Appleton, WI 54913

Minutes from last meeting: Bylaws communicated, voted upon via the mailing
list, and ratified by a majority of respondents.

Possible agenda:

1. Set up proposals for first election of “officers” as defined in the

2. Marketing next steps
Get business cards with DHMN logo – handy for spreading the word.

3. Stuff you want to execute soon….

This meeting welcomes your effort to improve it.

November 17 2011 “3rd Thursday” Hack/Make session

7 attendees

A vague recollection of some things made and discussed:

  • “How Brain Flaws Shape Our Lives”
  • iPod/smartphone kickstand from an unused credit card
  • Make magazine
  • Arduino + LCD
  • Jewelry making
  • Watching remote RepRap printing via Google Hangout
  • Physics particle/quantum
  • Heads up display against your retina
  • time travel
  • vortex (flaming tornado)
  • “But elves aren’t real…” –Varali
  • Civic entrepeneurism
  • “…and wander around the Prague of 1887.”
  • World Heritage group to 3D scan sites for virtual tours.