November “1st Thursday” Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton

9 attendees!

Nouns(and some verbs) from the session:

  • tmux!
  • OpenBSD
  • Linux
  • RepRap 3D printing
  • thermal transfer printing
  • NEWLUG – Northeast Wisconsin Linux Users Group – currently meets in Appleton.
  • Dorio dumb terminal
  • Arduino
  • mysql
  • Libre Office
  • Rubiks cube solvers
  • Xming
  • Freenx
  • Gentoo
  • Slackware
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • Steve Jobs
  • Microsoft
  • hacking Tivo
  • defcon
  • social engineering
  • gpg

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10/20/2011 Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton

10/20/2011 Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton

6 People Attended

Things discussed or worked on…

Kinect + Java + OpenCV Face Tracking


Color cycling RGB led’s

Parallax BoeBot assembly
Gladiator Girl – book
Leviathan – book
Metal spike eliminating bat weapons
Ellen Kort – Ellen Kort was Wisconsin’s first Poet Laureate, serving from 2000-2004.
RepRap via Google Hangout
Loose screw screws RepRap
Jewelry making and repair
Wax cast ring mold
Jon Brunner needs broken jewelry to repair for school project
Brain controlled audio composition
Airsoft turrets – add Arduino?

See you first (and third) Thursday in November!

Distributed Hacker/Maker Network

Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton

10/6/2011 Hack/Make session @HarmonyCafeFV in Appleton

7 People Attended

Things discussed or worked on…

  • Open source airplane
  • RepRap
  • Arduino
  • Alternate reality WWI fiction
  • Making a movie with a Flip cam
  • Mouse trap racers
  • Conductive playdough circuits (squishy circuits)
  • Toothbrush racers
  • BarCamp
  • Strategy games
  • Monetizing games
  • Injection molding/plastic extrusion
  • “Prosumer” grade cameras.
  • DIY battery w/ vinegar, copper wire, zinc plated nails
  • NEWLUG – Python talk Thursday 10/13
  • STEMFest (science, tech, engineering, math) at Building For Kids 9am-3pm Sat. 10/8 Free!
  • Harmony Cafe – Yummy sammiches and coffee!

Thanks everyone!

Distributed Hacker/Maker Network