Live from the Barnes & Noble Mini-MakerFaire

We started out yesterday afternoon and have had a nearly non-stop flow of store customers coming to our table and talking with us about the products the store is selling as well as some of the projects we’ve brought in from the makerspace.

Mini Makerfaire

The vast majority of the people I talked with there when I asked “Have you heard of a Makerspace before?” had not.

In some cases the Barnes & Noble advertising was how they first heard about it. In other cases, walking by our setup was the first time.

We’ve had a lot of adults stop by and talk with us about the Quadcopter that Steve built and the Shapeoko that Inventables donated to our space.

This is a fundraiser for our space also, and we think we’ve probably raised close to $200 so far from sales from customers who have mentioned us as they checkout!

But the best thing to come from the event is that a lot of new people are learning about our Makerspace and many of them are excited to come by on a Thursday night soon to check it out.

If you haven’t come out yet, please swing by and say hello!

Mini Maker Faire at Barnes and Noble

Join us and Makers across the nation at Barnes and Noble’s Mini Makerfaire! We will be exhibiting some 3D printers, talking about our various projects, and introducing ourselves to the public at the Grand Chute Barnes and Noble November 6-8. Expect Makers to be there Friday 3-7, Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. 


We are excited to be part of an event happening nationwide that will introduce the public at large to the Maker movement, and the accomplishments of tinkerers across the United States!

We are live at MakerFaire Milwaukee!

We got the booth setup and have been making friends with people from the many makerspaces that have booths here.


It’s HUGE!

Were in one of the large exhibit halls at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds. There must be over 200 booths here.

There’s a guy standing across from our booth with 3d goggles on and a RC remote in his hands. He’s remote driving a wheelchair with a skeleton sitting in it… The wheelchair is somewhere across the exhibit hall with a camera feed he’s getting a video feed from.

Tons of interesting stuff here. If you can make it down today or tomorrow, I think you will love it.

More to come later.

Join us this weekend at Maker Faire Milwaukee 2015!!

Stop by the Appleton Makerspace booth at the largest celebration of maker-culture in the state of Wisconsin! Maker Faire Milwaukee 2015!!!

What You Need to Know!

  • Maker Faire Milwaukee will take place from 9am to 6pm on Saturday, September 26, and 10am to 5pm Sunday, September 27.
  • Maker Faire Milwaukee is happening at Wisconsin State Fair Park, at the Wisconsin Expo Center Hall A. (The best address for your GPS is: 8200 W Greenfield, West Allis, WI 53214.)

What is a Maker Faire?
Called the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth, Maker Faires are part science fair and part county fair. Showcasing invention, creativity and resourcefulness, makers — tech enthusiasts, crafters, artists, educators, tinkerers, students and others — exhibit their work and share their knowledge and skills. Visitors to Maker Faire Milwaukee (MFMKE, for short) will find something different around every corner — makers, performers, presentations, workshops and much more.

(audio)Speaker Demo

2015-09-17_speaker_demoWhere: Appleton Makerspace
When: Thursday 2015-09-17 at 8pm
Why: to show how a 2″ driver can be made into a robust quality speaker

Nate Jones has been building and tearing apart speakers in his garage for a long time now. He’s obsessed with sound. Recently Nate demo’d a set of speakers to me that are driven by a laptop, an amp and a pair of 2″ drivers – but they deliver way more sound simply because of the housing design. I could hear individual instruments in specific places of the room. Wild.

Nate will give a demo of these speakers, and an informal talk Thursday night at the space, on how he made them, what he has learned and how you can make them too.

We might even get a glimpse of his current projects.

Hope to see you at the Appleton Makerspace this Thursday at 8pm!