CANCELLED – Informal Q&A with Adam Ernst iOS developer at Facebook


This weeks Coder Cooperative will be joined by Adam Ernst iOS developer at Facebook!  Adam said he’d take us through a day-in-the-life of FB iOS development.


So join us 7:00pm – 9:00pm(ish) tonight (and every week) at the Appleton Makerspace for #codercooperative!

Miller Electric Donates TIG Welder

The Appleton Makerspace’s Metal Shop is a major step closer to being operable with Miller Electric’s generous donation of a Diversion 180 TIG welder. It’s awesome to see a local company like Miller Electric, whose corporate headquarters are just a few blocks away, helping their community. (Check out their Website.)

This machine adds tremendous capability to our shop as it will allow us to weld both steel AND aluminum of a wide variety of thicknesses using a relatively clean and easy to control welding process. 

We’ve been spurred by this exciting addition to hasten setting up a safe and usable Metal Shop. This, along with the previous donation of safety equipment, will bring much more utility and educational opportunity to local Makers and the community.

Please thank Makerspace Member and Miller employee Ryan Peterson for arranging this for us! 

KB9VR Antennas Donates 2-Meter J-Pole to Appleton Makerspace Hamshack

The Appleton Makerspace's J-pole  looks great in a fall sunset.
This J-pole antenna was donated by Michael Martens, who hand-makes quality, affordable antennas for Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

The Appleton Makerspace’s growing Hamshack received the welcome donation of a 2-meter J-pole antenna from KB9VBR Antennas. The antenna radiates primarily on the 2-meter band (144-148 MHz) but also radiates well on the 70 Cm band. This antenna will enable us to better participate in Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club (FCARC) nets and other VHF nets in the area. 

The antenna is made out of copper pipe, which is an excellent conductor, and is robust enough to last through Wissconsin winters. For more information on KB9VBR Antennas, check out their Website.

Currently, the Appleton Makerspace Hamshack has capabilities for: 13cm data, 70cm fm voice, 2m fm voice, and 20m all mode. We have antennas for 6m, 10m, 40m, and 75/80m that still need to be installed. 

Live from the Barnes & Noble Mini-MakerFaire

We started out yesterday afternoon and have had a nearly non-stop flow of store customers coming to our table and talking with us about the products the store is selling as well as some of the projects we’ve brought in from the makerspace.

Mini Makerfaire

The vast majority of the people I talked with there when I asked “Have you heard of a Makerspace before?” had not.

In some cases the Barnes & Noble advertising was how they first heard about it. In other cases, walking by our setup was the first time.

We’ve had a lot of adults stop by and talk with us about the Quadcopter that Steve built and the Shapeoko that Inventables donated to our space.

This is a fundraiser for our space also, and we think we’ve probably raised close to $200 so far from sales from customers who have mentioned us as they checkout!

But the best thing to come from the event is that a lot of new people are learning about our Makerspace and many of them are excited to come by on a Thursday night soon to check it out.

If you haven’t come out yet, please swing by and say hello!

Mini Maker Faire at Barnes and Noble

Join us and Makers across the nation at Barnes and Noble’s Mini Makerfaire! We will be exhibiting some 3D printers, talking about our various projects, and introducing ourselves to the public at the Grand Chute Barnes and Noble November 6-8. Expect Makers to be there Friday 3-7, Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. 


We are excited to be part of an event happening nationwide that will introduce the public at large to the Maker movement, and the accomplishments of tinkerers across the United States!