New Air Filter Done

It took a while, but we’ve finished another easy shop project.

This one was a long time need for better air quality in the wood shop and it seems to be making a big difference!

I made the design after looking at this video:

That simple 4 post design looked elegant and functional. So I went with it and made a few small changes like 4 filters and a top fan.

We need a dado set.

Cutting dados the slow way

Cutting the dados was incredibly time consuming because we don’t have a dado blade yet.  And trying to cut the douglas fir even with a sharp high quality carbide fluted router bit was sloppy and dangerous.  The router actually took the 4×4 and shot it across the room on one of the passes…  I was impressed by the ability of the 1/4″ bit to survive that.

Eventually I ended up doing about 16 passes for each of the 8 dados that ran the length of the posts. You could have seen this image for about 3 hours that night.

Big drills make pocket holes fun.

Kreg jig pocket holes.

I worked with another member and we  put stringers on the top using pocket holes to get a great joint through the side grain into the side grain of the posts.

After that we were able to cut the hole for the fan and quickly assemble it onto some plywood.


Glue and screw.

Framing band clamp holding it tight

This is where I learned why we need bigger clamps.  The band clamp my wife got me for Christmas came in handy, but wasn’t the best tool for this job.

Despite being very careful with measurements and cuts, we ended up with the posts a bit crooked and had a hard time lining up the lid.

And then it was done.

Great airflow with 4 filter walls.

When all was finished, I was happy.

Actually getting a project done is a glorious moment here.  After all, starting a new one is far more fun!

But I’m happy with how this turned out. And it’s already helping us keep our lungs cleaner.


Next steps:

The next phase in the dust handling plan is to move this into a box and pipe it’s intake through a cyclone separator before getting to the filters. I think we can get even most of the fine particles out of the air before clogging these filters if we do that.

A sanding station is in the works too.  With a nice down-draft surface and back wall, it will be possible to sand stuff and have it all go into the table instead of the room.

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