KB9VR Antennas Donates 2-Meter J-Pole to Appleton Makerspace Hamshack

The Appleton Makerspace's J-pole  looks great in a fall sunset.
This J-pole antenna was donated by Michael Martens, who hand-makes quality, affordable antennas for Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

The Appleton Makerspace’s growing Hamshack received the welcome donation of a 2-meter J-pole antenna from KB9VBR Antennas. The antenna radiates primarily on the 2-meter band (144-148 MHz) but also radiates well on the 70 Cm band. This antenna will enable us to better participate in Fox Cities Amateur Radio Club (FCARC) nets and other VHF nets in the area. 

The antenna is made out of copper pipe, which is an excellent conductor, and is robust enough to last through Wissconsin winters. For more information on KB9VBR Antennas, check out their Website.

Currently, the Appleton Makerspace Hamshack has capabilities for: 13cm data, 70cm fm voice, 2m fm voice, and 20m all mode. We have antennas for 6m, 10m, 40m, and 75/80m that still need to be installed. 

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