Make the Space

Our Monthly “Make the Space” event happens every second Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.

The goal is to focus attention on work to make the space better by completing bigger or more complex projects than can be done without help.

Dave M. adding shelving and better casters to our rolling panel storage rack.

Our next event is Sunday May 12th from Noon to 4pm.

Here are some of the projects we have ready to be worked on:

  • Clean out all the unlabeled lockers
  • Setup the large Air Compressor with air lines to the working areas
  • Complete replacement of the Laser Tube
  • Purge and organize the woodshop scrap area
    • Shane G.
  • Run CAT5 for a couple new Webcams
    • Shane G.
    • Michael S.
  • Complete the cleaning and reassembly of the Surface Grinder
    • Shane G.
    • Michael S.
  • Complete the cleaning and reassembly of the Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Bathroom rehab + maintenance plan
  • Fix Kitchen Cabinets and Clean Kitchen
  • Install Utility Sink on the outside wall of the bathroom
  • Implement system for managing the recycling and material pile
    • Sim D.
  • Reroute dangerous cable and power cord runs
  • Improve energy efficiency by replacing ceiling tiles, patching holes, and reducing power draining items.
  • Replace 12 bad ceiling bulbs with the 12 LED tubes that we have available
  • And of course there is always Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Cleaning!

Send in your ideas and I’ll add them to this list!

Here are some things that we have gotten done during and since the last Make the Space

  • Setup the Machine Center CNC tool rack with Laser Cut Shelves
    • Thanks Dave M and Zack K!
  • Add shelving and better casters to the panel storage rack
    • Thanks Shane and Dave M!
  • Mount some of the new cameras
    • Thanks Shane and Michael!
  • Replace all the FL tubes with LED tubes in the carpeted room
    • Thanks Dan H!
  • Fix the doors and sliding cabinets in the Kitchen
    • Thanks Ken L!
  • Repair the shelving and organize the area by the light switches and power panels
    • Thanks Mike P!