Partial notes from the 2/2 Hack/Make Session

11 people in attendance

  • RepRap
  • 3d printing PLA/ABS plastic parts show-and-tell
  • Tim Bertram’s pending trip to LVL1 hackerspace in Kentucky.
  • Phone Phreaking
  • Android / Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Vinyl cutting
  • 80’s pen plotter hack
  • Chromebook
  • Runescape
  • iPod touch
  • Sketchup
  • Makerbot Replicator
  • Stellaris Evalbot + Android SDK
  • Stir stick light saber battles


First “successful” 3D print!

Finished cup
It’s alive!  My first print on my cobbled-together printer.  It’s actually supposed to be twice as tall, but family obligations made me cancel the print after 2 hours (What?  You want to eat?  Can’t you see I’m printing in plastic here?).  Actually, this was also the first time both my children gathered around one of my projects and said “Oh, that’s cool!”
The extruder was built using plastic parts Tim B printed on the ‘official’ DHMN RepRap.  (Technically, mine is referred to as a ‘RepStrap’ because it’s not built to a standard design.)  Thanks for all your help and advice, Tim!  My extruder output was awful until I remembered that Tim really cranks down the screws pressing on the plastic filament.
End Print
I still have a lot of settings to tweak, but I am ecstatic that it actually worked.  The “raft” on the bottom of the cup is meant to compensate for uneven print beds, so probably isn’t needed.  The strings inside can be cleaned up when I deal with a backlash issue in the extruder.  I don’t even think it holds water – wait…  Yes it does!  At least as long as a shot glass usually holds it’s contents.

Unfortunately my desktop mill weighs a ton, so I won’t be taking to any DHMN meetings.  So I’ll just have to build a portable one now… :)
Yes, that’s the temperature regulating Arduino strapped to the top of the Z-axis with cable ties.  Aren’t cable ties awesome?

UPDATE: After some more practice…

1/5/2012 6pm-10pm – The RepRap 3D printer will be at the meetup

Join us from 6pm-10pm for the first Thursday of 2012 hack/make meetup held on the third level of Harmony Cafe in Appleton.

The RepRap Prusa Mendel 3D printer will be in attendance printing objects of our wishing! Thanks Tim!

Android code will be written, maybe some near field communication tinkering, surely some Arduino fiddling.